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FPV  Drone Training Simulators

  • fpv, drone, simulator, education

    fpv, drone, simulator, education

    Some people call them video games but drone simulators can be a great tool to practice your piloting skills.  the drone industry should not be taken lightly and can get very expensive if you’re crashing a lot.  If you really want to get into the drone industry but don’t have a lot of money to put into it, There are a few quality drone simulators that will help you spruce up those skills before taking it out the real world.  We have taken it upon ourselves to try out a number of the different simulators there are available.  While none of them were very well made at the beginning, they have all done some major improvements and are very similar to how it feels to really fly through the goggles.  The ones we recommend are as follows…



Liftoff is an amazing fpv simulator and has been very supportive of us and anyone who supports us will get equal support from us. Always appreciated. Liftoff can be purchased through creating a STEAM account online.  Its a great way to host your sim because anywhere you have internet, you’ll have access to your simulator. Liftoff will cost roughly $20 but if you catch them on a good week you might get it for $15. Flite Factory manufactures a piece of equipment called the “experience module”.  This allows you to go completely wireless from your computer with your remote AND goggles.  Using a simulator in this fashion allows the experience  to be the closest it will ever be to the real experience. More info will follow…..