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Curriculum – $150/year

  • When you buy our curriculum you are joining a community of teachers who have an abundance to offer. We offer as much support and additional tools as you need and more. Check out the Faculty room for tips and tricks  and places to get extra equipment you may need. Subscribe


Elementary – Micro Vert $100

  •         Our goal for elementary school age kids is getting them familiar with what a drone is. Nothing too labor intensive and very fun.  We offer the drones and a very simple curriculum to follow for the class. The “Micro Vert” is a very fun drone and is reasonably robust for those more energetic kids in your class. Keeping in mind that everything breaks eventually, these little guys have the ability to crash a number of times and keep on going. A couple of the favorite ways to go about these little guys is for the school to purchase the drones to keep for every class or to offer them to the parents to buy for their kids.  We offer replacement parts as well in case something breaks and you need to replace it.

Middle School – Skeeters+radio $300 (Wo/radio $150)

  •           Middle school is an awesome time to get the kids into their first stages of soldering and a little tuning on flight controllers. We offer more advanced kits for just that. These drones are much stronger which means you can take them outside and and start teaching them what FPV (First Person View) is. This will open a whole new world for them and with it all new things to learn.

High School – FPV drone ( Drone +radio $450)

(Wo/radio $300)

  • This is the age where we start seeing the kids true talents start showing through. They’ve played enough video games that their dexterity starts to show through when they fly. The pilots driving the FPV racing industry are getting younger and younger so its been very exciting to see how talented they are. At this age group you can pick any of the drone packages for high school so if you’re just starting out or your students have had some experience with drones you can get started at any level.


  • We have a long list of internal as well as external supporters so if you’d like to see the other programs were a part of check out our Partners page.
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